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My goal in teaching is to find a singer's individual voice! Everyone has something to share and being able to sing in a comfortable way is the best way to share those ideas and emotions with others. I focus on Musical Theatre, Classical, Jazz, and Pop genres, though all are welcome!

I teach Zoom for all and in-person lessons locally for 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. Visit my contact page to inquire about these opportunities.

*All ages and levels welcome!


Courtney is an outstanding teacher. I’ve worked with Courtney in and outside of music school and her enormous resource of knowledge across musical theatre, pop, and classical singing supported me through my studies and has helped me get and keep jobs as a singer after graduation. She applies technique meaningfully and balances it really well with the emotional support it takes to deliver a clean, communicative performance. Under her careful and compassionate instruction, I have found the natural timbre of my voice and how to deliver it consistently. I cannot recommend Courtney as a teacher enough!


S.K., age 73

I'm beginning to sound like a singer. Courtney has certainly built up my confidence and with each song I sing, my voice and my breath get stronger and stronger. I like Courtney's style. She will demonstrate how to make your song stronger and more in tune. When you start to hit those notes you couldn't hit before, believe me, it's like floating on a cloud.


H.M., age 11

I've been taking lessons from Courtney through Zoom calls and I've improved and enjoyed learning from her. She is a great teacher, always positive and pushing me out of my comfort zone. She's really nice.

Let's Work Together

Click here to contact Courtney about lesson and masterclass options!

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